Nesasjøhuset old warehouse from 1850, now housing Ryfylkemuseet. Photo: Tor J. Jørgensen

Cultural Heritage in a Changing Climate

The Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage and Arts Council Norway will host the 7th forum of the Baltic Region Heritage Committee (BRHC).

Climate change is a threat to cultural heritage. We live in a time with rapid changes; both environmentally and politically. All the countries in the Baltic Region have signed the Paris Agreement and committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This commitment means that we must act immediately to reduce greenhouse gas emissions with 50 percent by 2030. Oslo Forum 2021 aims to mobilize the cultural heritage sector to action.  

With mitigation and adaptation as two key concepts, we bring together stakeholders from the cultural heritage sector, museums, researchers, students, architects and urban planners, NGOs and municipalities in the Nordic and Baltic Sea region for a three-day digital conference 28.-30. September 2021.

Broadcast from Oslo, Norway – European Green Capital in 2019.

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Gina Gylver
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Online conference programme
Tuesday 28th September
  • 09:00
    Movie premiere – The Power of Volunteering
    Who are the volunteers in the cultural heritage sector - and why are they doing it?Introduced by Hannu Matikka and director Espen Frøysland
  • 10:00 - 11:30
    Plenary session I:
    General overview – in it for the action

    Welcome to the digital forum with moderator Gina Gylver (NO)

    Raymond Johansen (NO) Governing Mayor of Oslo 
    Welcome to Oslo – On Oslo as an environmentally friendly capital

    Ole Jakob Furset (NO) Arts Council Norway
    Opening remarks by BRHC Chair

    Helge Drange (NO) University of Bergen
    The consequences of climate change for the heritage sector

    Film – The changing Oslo waterfront – Archaeology in Bispekilen

    Andrew Potts (US) Climate Heritage Network
    The future of our pasts – engaging cultural heritage in climate action  
  • 12:30 - 15:30
    Plenary session II:
    Reduction of climate change - how cultural heritage can be part of the solution

    Valdur Lahtvee (EE)
    CBSS support to increased resilience of Cultural Heritage to Climate Change

    Henry McGhie (UK) Curating tomorrow
    Museums and the Sustainable Development Goals

    Peter Debrine (FR) UNESCO
    Sustainable tourism in the Nordic-Baltic area 

    Ola Fjeldheim (NO) National Trust of Norway
    Energy efficiency in old buildings

    Film - The former American embassy in Oslo – Reuse in a city development perspective

    Cecilie Flyen and Selamawit Mamo Fufa (NO) Sintef
    Greenhouse gas calculations – re-use of old buildings versus building new ones 

    Workshop with Henry McGhie (UK) on the SDG’s as a framework for planning climate action

Wednesday 29th September
  • 09:00 - 12:00
    Plenary session III:
    Adaptation to climate change 

    Greeting from Hanna Geiran (NO) Director of the Directorate for cultural heritage

    Greeting from Kristin Danielsen (NO) Director of the Arts Council Norway

    Ewan Hyslop (GB) Historic Environment Scotland
    Evaluation of climate related risks to cultural heritage: examples from Scotland

    Susanne Altvater (GE) s.Pro – sustainable projects
    Change of land use due to climate change

    Film – FutureBuilt – Social sustainability in new culture buildings on the Oslo waterfront

    Gro Sandkjær Hansen (NO) Oslo Met
    About consequences of more densely populated areas

    Grethe Pontoppidan (DK) Arkitekturet Aps
    On the Viking Ship Hall in Roskilde and how this museum is affected by climate change

    Lucyna Nyka, Jakub Szczepański, Justyna Borucka (PL) 
    Vulnerability of heritage waterfront areas in Gdańsk – challenges, conflicts and concepts

    Karen O'Brien (NO/USA) University of Oslo
    Final conclusions, overview, looking into the crystal ball – what does the future hold for the cultural environments? 
  • 13:00 - 15:00
    Thematic session I:
    Coastal heritage and climate change

    Session led by: Hannu Matikka (FI) Finnish Heritage Agency

    Gunnar Ellingsen (NO) Museum Vest 
    Saving the Bryggen in Bergen 

    Dr. Robert Domżał (PO) The National Maritime Museum in Gdańsk 
    The Great Crane in Gdańsk 

    Mads V. Olesen (DK) CEO of STROMMA Denmark 
    Green sightseeing by boat and bus in Copenhagen – a change with challenges 

Thursday 30th September
  • 10:00 - 11:30
    Thematic session II:
    Underwater cultural heritage and climate change 
    Session led by Sallamaria Tikkanen (FI) Finnish Heritage Agency

    Sandra Henry (IR) CHERISH Project   
    Climate change and heritage: Irish submerged cultural heritage case studies

    Björn Nilsson (SV) Lund University 
    The Study of Submerged Stone-Age Landscapes and its Relations to Past and Present Climatic Change 

    Peter Astrup (DK) Moesgaard Museum 
    Submerged Stone Age sites and their potential for determining past sea-level changes

    Minna Koivikko (FI) Finnish Heritage Agency 
    A Case example – Suomenlinna World Heritage Site, Sea Fortress and climate change 

    Antony Firth (UK) Fjordr Limited 
    UNESCO Ocean Science Decade, the Ocean Decade Heritage Network and Maritime and Underwater Cultural Heritage 
  • 12:30 - 14:00
    Thematic session III:
    20th century built heritage and climate change – adaptive re-use
    Session led by Martin Søberg (DK) Institute of Architecture and Culture, Royal Danish Academy

    Liisa Pakosta (EE) 
    Comfortable Living Spaces: Quality of Life in Old Houses 

    Pia Ilonen (FI) ILO Architects
    Drive or Die: The Cable Factory Story 

    Jakaterina Lavrinec (LT) 
    Reinventing green spaces in the "sleeping districts" 

    Closing of the forum
Raymond Johansen
Governing Major of Oslo
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Ole Jakob Furset
Head of the Museums and Cultural Heritage Section of Arts Council Norway and BRHC Chair
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Helge Drange
Professor at the Geophysical Institute at the University of Bergen, and researcher at the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research
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Andrew Potts
Climate Heritage Network Secretariat
ICOMOS Climate Change and Heritage Working Group
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Henry McGhie
Curating Tomorrow: A consultancy for museums, the heritage sector, and anyone interested in creating a better future
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Peter Debrine
Senior Project Officer, UNESCO World Heritage and Sustainable Tourism Programme
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Ola Fjeldheim
Secretary General of the National Trust of Norway
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Cecilie Flyen
Senior research Scientist, SINTEF
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Selamawit Mamo Fufa
Senior research Scientist, SINTEF
Read more
Hanna Geiran
Director of the Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage
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Kristin Danielsen
Executive director of Arts Council Norway
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Ewan Hyslop
Head of Technical Research and Science at Historic Environment Scotland
Read more
Susanne Altvater
Senior Consultant, s.Pro - sustainable projects GmbH
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Gro Sandkjær Hanssen
Researcher at Oslo Metropolitan University
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Grethe Pontoppidan
Architect, a r k i t e k t u r e t
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Lucyna Nyka
Professor at the Faculty of Architecture at Gdańsk University of Technology
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Jakub Szczepanski
Professor at the Faculty of Architecture, Gdańsk University of Technology
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Justyna Borucka
Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Architecture at the Gdańsk University of Technology
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Karen O’Brien
Professor in the Department of Sociology and Human Geography at the University of Oslo
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Robert Domzal PhD.
Director of the National Maritime Museum, Gdańsk
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Hannu Matikka
Senior Researcher at the Finnish Heritage Agency
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Gunnar Ellingsen
Director of the Norwegian Fisheries Museum
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Mads Vestergaard Olesen
Managing Director, Stromma Denmark
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Sallamaria Tikkanen
Intendant at the Finnish Heritage Agency
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Sandra Henry
Lead Research Archaeologist, Discovery Programme, Cherish Project
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Björn Nilsson
Researcher with the Department of Archaeology and Ancient History at Lund University
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Peter Moe Astrup
Archaeologist at Moesgaard Museum
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Minna Koivikko
Maritime Archaeologist and project manager at the Finnish Heritage Agency
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Martin Søberg
Associate Professor at the Institute of Architecture and Culture at the Royal Danish Academy
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Liisa Pakosta
Estonian Politician
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Pia Ilonen
Architect, ILO Architects Ldt.
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Jekaterina Lavrinec
Urban Researcher and Associate Professor at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University
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Anthony Firth
Director of Fjordr: Marine and Historic Environment Consulting
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Valdur Lahtvee
Policy Officer for Priority Area Sustainable & Prosperous Region CBSS
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